About Smock Knives

My name is Kevin Smock. This started as a hobby and has come a long way. I use to be a product designer for several different companies and wanted to add my own flare to my personal knives. Next I'm doing knives for friends and now it's a full time job. Sure I could be making more money working for a large company and designing products that I'll never get credit for but this is way more fun! I love what I do and decided in 2015 to go full throttle on the knife business. I'm still trying to get caught up on orders as I've had some personal struggles in the last year and moved several times. I finally feel at home and have a great shop to explore ideas. If you have been following me for a while, you haven't seen anything yet.

I've done designs that won Kitchen of the Year for House Beautiful 3 years in a row. My name is listed as inventor on 5 patents. I've designed a lot of the kitchen products that went into the TV show Extreme Home Makeover. I've also designed some of the top shooting archery risers for longbow and recurve competitive shooters. Now it's time to put all that energy into knife making. 

Check my 'Knives' tab for updates. My style is hard to describe but it will be Military Sci-Fi. Meaning rugged, ergonomic, functional, EDC, hard use, distressed, and futuristic. Modern lines with modern materials and meant to be used. I will not be polishing shit unless it's to add a little pop. I want you to put it in your pocket and USE IT! 

I honestly appreciate everything the knife community has done for me and in helping me turn a hobby into a business. I've never met a better group of people. Hopefully you will enjoy my products as much as I've enjoyed making them. Thanks guys!