Welcome to Smock Knives

We strive to create innovative, durable and inspirational knife designs that can be passed down for generations. The satisfaction and loyalty of our customers is taken into account in every aspect of our in-house processes. 

About Us

Before devoting my career to designing and producing custom knives, I began my professional life in manufacturing.  I quickly realized my passion was in product design and became an Innovative Product Designer.  Working as a designer for a Fortune 500 company allowed me to have my designs featured on a mainstream television series as well as become the recipient of several awards.  Several of my projects led to my name being listed as inventor on US Patents and my designs are still sold in big box home improvement stores to this day.  


Always looking for a creative outlet and a new challenge as well as being an avid knife collector, I began to customize production knives in 2012 as a hobby.  I soon discovered that all of the manufacturing and design experience I had collected translated perfectly into making my own custom knives.  After attending my first blade show in 2015 and seeing the high demand for quality knives first hand, I left my day job and Smock Knives was born.


My style takes inspiration from futuristic sci-fi cinema and art with a bit of an apocalyptic/hi-tech military theme thrown in. Each design starts with EDC use in mind using form and function as the priority. With the use of anodizing, cerakoting, engraving and exotic materials, we can build everything from a discrete EDC tool to an heirloom showpiece. 


Although Smock Knives is a custom knife company, in 2019 I collaborated with Spyderco to produce the Spyderco Smock.  I am very thankful and blessed that the Spyderco Smock has been in constant production as both the original model and several dealer exclusives.


In 2020 Smock Knives became a two person shop when my wife, Tracie, left her full time management position and joined me in the business.  She has taken on the administrative and customer service workload as well as our production of custom Spyderco Smock Scales.  Her presence in the shop has allowed me to focus strictly on the fulfillment of custom orders.  


As Smock Knives evolves so will the way we sell our knives.  Our books are currently closed and once all orders are filled we will be switching to a monthly drop format.  We will produce a limited run each month of a specific model. This will allow us to meet demand more efficiently as well as work on new designs.   We are excited with this format and will keep everyone informed with the details when it happens.  Please take a look around our site and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


CD Archery

I'm also the Product Designer for CD Archery. We have several risers for longbow and recurve shooters. Uses "Weight Forward" to balance better for bare bow shooters. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Shoot them an email if interested to cdarchery@gmail.com