Custom Knives


The SK23 is my first folder design and continues to be the most sought after model.  Easy one handed open and close via the button lock release.  Wharncliff blade shape with a rounded spine.  Weight starts at 5oz before any milling design of the handle.  Blade length 3”, handle length 4.125”, handle thickness .53” and blade thickness .18”.  *measurements may vary slightly based on availability of material.


 My second folder design is the SK45. It is a small 3" blade frame lock flipper. Not everyone is going to want the button release like the SK23. This has a more ergonomic design than the SK23 and a sheeps foot blade. 


The SK75 was designed to fulfill requests for a larger folder.  It is a combination of both the SK23 and SK45 in a frame lock design.


SK69 Bali

The SK69 Balisong

Midsized Balisong. Handle length 4.5”, Blade length from handle 3.625", Overall Open 8.25", Closed 4.875", Weight 4.8 oz


SK21 Hunter

SK21 was designed to be a great hunting knife or just every day uses. Overall length 9.25", blade length 4", and AEB-L blade is .160" thick. 


EDSK "Every Day Smock Knife."  This design targets an every day fixed blade concept.

SK Kitchen

Japanese inspired kitchen knives and SK Cleaver.  

SK10 - SK10 XL

 The SK10 and SK10XL were designed with military and law enforcement in mind. Meant to be carried on your weak side and to assist in the event of a struggle for your sidearm. Finger loop for a secure grip. Narrow and thin blade is good for quick strikes. 



The SK51 is designed as a good all around camping knife.  Inspired by summer camping trips as a kid.  The tip is designed to have a good strong point for throwing if needed and it has a nice flat top for batoning.  A hollow grind on the near area is for shaving wood and a flat grind at the tip for slicing.

SKX12 - SKX15

The SKX12 and SKX15 are tomahawks designed to be fun and useful. They are made from 80crV2 steel. The SKX12 is 11.5" long, 6.5" wide, and the steel is .25" thick. Weighing 1 lb 8 oz. The SKX15 is 14.5" long, 8" wide, and the steel is .375" thick. G10 handles with battleworn cerakote. The head has a bolt wrench and the SKX15 end has a pry bar. Both have lanyard holes.


Designed as a neck knife. 2.25" CPM154 Blades.