Spyderco Smock

Just announced Spyderco Smock!!! This is a dream come true. I am very honored to design a collaboration with Spyderco. The goal of the Spyderco Smock was to take the functionality of my SK23 compression lock and mix in some Spyderco DNA to produce an excellent affordable EDC knife. I just got a preproduction sample that I was able to share with you and so far this thing is awesome! Blade steel is S30V with Carbon Fiber scales. Button release compression lock flipper. MSRP is $259.95 and will be sold via Spyderco normal channels. I may do some modded version after they are released. Release date is still TBD. 


The SK23 is the first folder design. It's meant to be a great EDC knife. Easy one handed open and close via the button lock release. Wharncliffe blade shape with rounded spine. Each one will come with a nylon pouch and card of Authenticity.  I hope to have blade steel options of 3V, damasteel, AEB-L, and S30V. Damasteel will cost more. They have titanium handles and button release compression lock. Specs will vary as there really isn't a good constant supply of the same thickness material for each kind of blade steel. Weight starts at 5oz before I do any kind of milling, Blade length 3", Handle length 4.125", handle thickness .53", and Blade thickness .18" but will vary. Compression Lock Licensed by Spyderco. 


My second folder design is the SK45. It is a small 3" blade frame lock flipper. Not everyone is going to want the button release like the SK23. This has a more ergonomic design than the SK23 and a sheeps foot blade. 


The SK75 is the largest folder design I currently have. Just in prototyping phase at the moment but I kept getting requests for a larger knife. So this is a combination of the SK23 and SK45 in a framelock design. If you are currently on the books and want to move to this design just let me know. Overall length 9", blade length 4". 

SK69 Bali

I love balisongs. I've always wanted to make one of these more than anything else. I wanted a midsized flipper. I know the 'best' are longer but I have small hands and I honestly flip the smaller ones better. I'm sure I'll get pressured into making a longer one but the first ones will be midsized. I want something unique that hasn't been done before. This will not be easy as there are some great balisongs on the market. Handle length 4.5", Blade length from handle 3.625", Overall Open 8.25", Closed 4.875", Weight 4.8 oz, Blade Steel S30V or 3V standard. Upgrades available on request. Prototype review by Flipzone Here


EDSK "Every Day Smock Knife". This design will target an every day fixed blade concept. I get a lot of requests for a good user fixed blade or hunting knife. This one is in the middle of a redesign. The first version I just wasn't in love with. So I sat down and made it better! 

SK Kitchen

I haven't had a lot of time to make kitchen knives but it is on my list. I have made a couple and I'm really liking the Japanese style with WA handle. I've changed the design a couple times but think I finally have something I like. There is four designs at this point. SK Cleaver, SK 240mm Gyuto, SK 180mm Nakiri, and SK 150mm Petty. The Cleaver is more of a camping cooking knife and the other three are kitchen knives. The finished pictures are of prototypes and the drawings are of the must current version. As soon as I have some finished I'll update the pictures. These are all AEB-L steel between .110" and .156".  

SK10 - SK10 XL

The SK10 was designed with military and LEO in mind. Meant to be carried on your weak side and to assist in the event of a struggle for your sidearm. Finger loop for a secure grip. Narrow and thin blade good for quick strikes. There will be plain, cerakoted, and Themed blades. I've also done themed designs as well.  I've added a SK10 XL to line. Bottom right picture. It has a 6" blade and wider handle to accept different material scales. It's just in the design state at this point but I'll update when I have more info. 


As a kid my family would go camping almost every weekend and I wanted to design a good camping knife. Something strong enough for hard use. Good at normal camping tasks like batoning wood or making shavings to start a fire. The tip is designed to have a good strong point for throwing if needed. A nice flat top for batoning. The blade will have two different grinds. Hollow grind on the near area for shaving wood and flat grind at the tip for slicing. My hope is the pointed transition area in the middle of the blade will help with batoning wood. The blade is 3/16" thick 3V. 

SKX12 - SKX15

The SKX12 and SKX15 are tomahawks designed to be fun and useful. They are made from 80crV2 steel. The SKX12 is 11.5" long, 6.5" wide, and the steel is .25" thick. Weighing 1 lb 8 oz. The SKX15 is 14.5" long, 8" wide, and the steel is .375" thick. G10 handles with battleworn cerakote. The head has a bolt wrench and the SKX15 end has a pry bar. Both have lanyard holes. I only did a small run of these to test and they are bad ass for sure! Hopefully do another run. 


The SK9 Necker. Well.. I call it a Necker as it was designed to be a neck knife. I made these mainly for practice and for Blade Show. I may do another run at some point. These have 2.25" CPM154 Blades. 


I don't have any images of this one yet. I'm thinking a small 2" blade folder. This will not be a hard use knife but a good 5th pocket back up knife. Small, thin, light, but good for opening stuff. This will also be the least expensive folder I will make. So if you can't afford the higher end stuff this might be a way to get a great folder. I'm working on a different lock for this knife. I don't want it to be a frame lock and I don't want a friction folder. Maybe something new?

Wait times are pushing a 1-2 years at this point.

Company Policy:

ETA are just a guess and not a guarantee.  I'm doing the best I can but I'm a one man shop and can't foresee all delays. Once books are caught up all knives will be first come first serve sold after complete. Deposits are NON refundable. This covers my time spent communicating and ordering materials to do your order. If investors want a refund you have to wait till your spot comes up and I'll make the knife. You can either have the knife or I will sell the knife and then refund you. Yes this sucks and not how I want to do business but refunds are not possible at this time. I will not move you in front of other customers.