Available!! I have some Copper, Brass, and Titanium beads ready. They are plain at this point and can be customized to your liking. They are $40 each. Email me or go through the contact page and let me know what you want. kevin@smockknivs.com 

Lanyard Beads

Lanyard beads! I'm honestly not a fan of lanyard holes in knives. Especially pocket knives. But I love designing stuff and lanyard beads seem to be popular. I designed these by taking a kitchen cabinet door profile that I designed years ago and turned it into a revolve pattern. I'm listed as the patent inventor on the profile design so it has sentimental value. They turned out great! I have a couple titanium and coppers ones available. Mokuti will be rare and sold on Instagram. Email me or use the contact section if you are interested. Thanks!! 

Decals and T-Shirts

 I don't have any decals at the moment but you can order t-shirts from SpreadShirt.com. It's very easy and delivered right to your door. Here is the link https://shop.spreadshirt.com/smockknives/


BowerBladeworks Dogtags are available. I only have a handful left of these and they are on clearance from $45 to $25 shipped US. I can do different color combinations on request. Once these are gone I will not make any more. These are made from titanium and custom anodized. They come with a card of authenticity and keychain hoop. The first photo has stonewashed blue, bronze, purple, and green. Also antiqued blue, bronze, purple, and green. Email me if interested kevin@smockknives.com