I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Every maker has different finishes they do and not all are the same. I take pride in my finishes and I've spend a ton of time researching, traveling, and developing finishes for several companies. So when it was time to design my own product, I knew the finishes had to be a reflection of what I've learned. One of my areas of focus was distressed and antiqued finishes. This means different things to different people. So I've compiled this page to help when customers are ordering product. Again, everyone does different finishes and they might call them different things but this is how I do them and what I call them. I did not create most of these but I try to put my own unique spin on everything I do. I will add new finishes to the list as they become available. 


Satin is just raw material with whatever grind or finish lines were created during making of the product. 


Stonewash is a process of scratching a satin finish via tumbling media. It gives a worn look to the surface but does not hit any of the recessed areas. 


Blasted is just that. It's been blasted with an abrasive material to give a matte finish. Every maker uses different media for this and it can drastically change the way titanium anodizes. 

Satin Anodizing

A very shiny and clean anodizing. This will give you the brightest colors but will also show the most fingerprints. 

Stonewashed Anodized

Simply anodizing titanium one single color after the stonewashing process. 

Blasted Anodized

Anodizing after media blasting. Leaves a dull matte finish anodizing. Usually the color is not as bright as Satin Anodizing or Stonewashed Anodizing. 

Highlight Anodizing

This can be done in single color or sometimes in multiple colors. The recessed areas are blasted matte and the raised corners have been polished to give a highlighting look. 

Two Tone Anodizing

Two tone anodizing is simply anodizing multiple colors. There are a wide variety of color titanium can be anodized but only certain color combos will work. 

Nuked Anodizing

I don't think anyone agrees what 'Nuked' means. It's something different to everyone. To me, it's stonewashing after anodizing. This will leave silver raw titanium showing. This is perfect for the person that wants a little color but doesn't want to get mad the first time it scratches. 

Flamed Anodizing

This is the process of heat anodizing satin titanium in a random pattern. It usually give very vibrant bronze, purple, blue, and silver colors. Very unique finish as each piece is colored differently. 

Antiqued Anodizing

Antiquing titanium is not an easy thing and comes out a little different each time depending on the type of titanium and the surface prep. It has a dull grey finish with colored stonewashing and highlighting. My personal favorite anodized finish. 


Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that is extremely durable and mostly used in firearms applications. This is my personal favorite finish.  There are a couple different techniques used. One is just plain colored Cerakote. Another is Two Tone Cerakote which can be with two different colors of Cerakote or Anodized Highlights. The third is Battleworn. This is a process of physically distressing the part after final coating to give a weathered worn look. A link to Cerakote's website is in the Links tab for more information. 

Blackened Copper

This is a process of tarnishing the copper to black and slightly removing the finish to expose the raw copper underneath. I absolutely love this finish.